Human Resources Business

We are helping to solve human resources issues by professional human resources service. With the license for Worker Dispatching Undertakings and Charged Employment Placement Services, we are providing assist for personnel activities efficiently according to the diverse needs of customers.

In recent years, with the increasing number of overseas-based companies and foreign tourists, global human resources are required. Against the background of today, we actively utilize and manage human resources skilled in language skills.

We secured many excellent foreign employees who possess various business knowledge, such as accounting or finance. Most of them have experience in working in Japan, not only speak fluent Japanese but also understand manners and culture of Japanese companies.

Also, it is possible to introduce students who have graduated from overseas universities, or who are visiting Japan as international students, especially persons who have excellent Japanese language ability, capable for working in a wide range of business fields.

Example of human resources service

  • System engineer, Help Desk, Programmer, etc.
  • Interpreter, translator
  • Clerk (General affairs, Trade affairs, Overseas sales clerks, etc.)
  • Sales (Retail stores, Mobile shops dealers, etc.)
  • Reception / guide (Hotel, Accommodation facilities, Shopping mall, etc.)