RPA is an abbreviation of "Robotic Process Automation " RPA (robot) executes the office work to which man was answering up to now vicariously. A robot makes it possible to automate the business process. It can avoid a human mistake and the operation will be possible for 24 hours a day all year round, it also aims for efficiency of business and quality improvement. An RPA can be introduced in a shorter period and less expense compared with a system development.

A flow of the RPA introduction spreads with a great variety of types of industry due to the decrease in productive population, and the reform of working progress.

We'll propose a RPA solution as a development resource partner of UiPath company which is a RPA leading company.

  • Analysis service of existence business
  • The PoC service which inspects the introduction effect of RPA
  • Robotic development service
  • Support service after RPA introduction
  • RPA training service